Monday, October 22, 2012

Mustache nail fail!!! (ooooh, i just realized that nail and fail rhyme.)

HI THERE!!!!!!!!

So I used Sinful Colors White for the base of this, which was GOOPY. But it was $2.00, so I'm happy. It was really runny and goopy, if that makes sense. But it worked.

On top I used Brash Gun Metal, which is my FAV black. My mom bought me a set of nail art brushes so I used those to make the mustache and the face.

On my left hand, I tried to make it prettier....FAIL. I put on Nina Ultra Pro Holographic Top Coat. It's fine, but not with my current mustache design. I didn't put it on my right hand.

By the way, I am currently reading A Fractured Light.

Hannah <3

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  1. There was a mustache tutorial someone posted but I can't remember who it was ,,,SORRY ! But you put two large dots in the middle and two small dots on each side and then take a striper and connect the dots making an arch at the top and do kinda the same on bottom then you fill in with black... Maybe that will help you a little bit >>> There might be a tutorial on youtube...