Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sorry this is so late...Zoya Apple & O.P.I. Metallic 4 Life!

Hi everybody! Today I'm going to show you one of my favorite manicure combinations I have ever done. It's Zoya Apple on the thumb, middle, and ring finger, and O.P.I. Metallic 4 life on the rest. 

Zoya Apple

It was super easy to apply, but was a bit sheer at first. After 2 coats, it was opaque enough for me :)

O.P.I. Metallic 4 Life

This polish was also sheer in the beginning, but after a couple coats it was totally unsee-through. *Adding that word to my dictionary* Anyways, Metallic 4 Life is my second favorite polish that I own, I love it with all my heart. You need this polish if you don't have it, in my opinion. 

The application for both of these was awesome. 

Today I bought Sinful Colors Call You Later (Such a gorgeous glitter) in Walgreens, expecting the 99c sale, but I wasn't discounted at all! In fact, I was very pissed because I asked a guy how much were they who worked there, and he was like "Buy one get one half off." Better than nothing, right? But when I actually went to buy them, the guy was like no sale sorry. So I only got one :(  

But I'm also curious about the fact that there was no sale...maybe my Walgreens is rigged :'( 

Loves ya
~Hannah <3

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