Monday, July 23, 2012

Zoya Charla, Brash Gun Metal, & O.P.I. Last Friday Night

Hi there! In the pictures below, Zoya Charla is on my index finger and the rest of my fingers are Brash Gun Metal underneath O.P.I. Last Friday Night. I love this combination, I think it totally works!

Zoya Charla

It reminds me of a mermaid, which then reminds me of my favorite princess, Ariel, which then reminds me of my happy times as a young young child. *Sigh* Loved those times. 

Anyways, this color is definitely worth having. I can't stop staring at my fingers, and strangers can't stop staring either. Love it! 

Brash Gun Metal

You probably haven't heard of Brash. It is a company made by Payless. Yes, the shoe store. I love this line A LOT. It's cheap, $3, and the color selection is great! I bought this black there, and I'm glad I did, because I'm sure it's just as good as a plain O.P.I. or Zoya (etc.) expensive polish. 

If you need a black that has awesome application and opaque in one coat, then this is the color for you. I layer a lot of my glitters over it. Next time I might layer Sinful Colors Call You Later over it. Pretty? 

O.P.I. Last Friday Night

I got this one for free at my friend's Bat Mitzvah, and I'm so glad I did. We were only supposed to get one polish, but I sneaked in and got all of them. 8 polishes by O.P.I.- free! $64 cha-ching. Anyways, it's sheer sheer sheer. It has silver and blue shiny glitters and amazing for layering. Great application as usual. 

Here are the pictures: 

Have a great day! 
Hope you enjoyed this post :)

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