Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pink Comparisons

Good evening!
I was feeling very girly today, and decided to put on a pink polish (or in this case, polishes) because I haven't  had pink nail polish on in a while.

I am comparing 10 nail polishes, one per finger. I will most likely do the actual swatches today, or at latest, tomorrow.

Here are pics of the polishes:
  Butter London Teddy Girl, O.P.I. Pink Friday
 Brash Short Fuse Fuchsia, Black Radiance no name
 Zoya Kimber, O.P.I. I'm All Ears (Colors shown lighter than in real life)
 Brash Twisted Melon (a lor less pink than in real life), Butter London Lovely Jubbly
 Zoya Rory, Essie Lights (Essie way more pink, more of a hot pink)
Thank you! Swatches will be provided soon :D

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