Saturday, December 1, 2012

Swatches! Picture spam! (Haha told you I was going to do them :P)

I have three beautiful swatches to show you all, all from

These three are some hella gorgeous polishes!

First up is Ooky, a beautiful slightly frosty purple base with orange glitters. I layered this over Zoya Mimi.

Next up is Second Harvest, this is around 2 and a half coats by itself! 

And then my personal favorite, Idris's Console Doctor Who, also opaque by itself in 2 and a half coats, I guess I only took two pictures because the prettiness could only be conveyed in real life. But AMAZING color, just like the other two!:

Application: 5/5 

Glitter Fishing: There was a bit of glitter fishing in the Idris polish, but you really don't need much glitter to make that polish stand out. 
Favorite: As I said, Idris. But I love them all!
Do I recommend?: Completely

Thank you for reading! :D 

*These products were provided for review. All opinions are completely honest and my own.*

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